Happy new year

Happy new year all..

Have a safe, happy, bright and crazy year ahead.


Fantasy world


Kissing me at my doorstep, my love asks me: when was your first kiss?
Me: I dont remember, but this one is the one I will never ever forget.


Oh love!!

Did I tell you, I have not felt this before,
Just an inch, my legs are above the shore,
Spreading my wings like a swan in a lake,
Ready for my flight on this love flake,
Come with me, baby, we can fly high,
Our trust can win heights, lets try,
The dreams that we have together seen,
The places we wished we have been,
I want to explore us, we can be a poem,
I will be your words and you be my rhyme,
I will be your start, you will complete me,
Without you there will be no better me,
In this moment, and the moments to come,
You are and you will be my love, handsome,
Craziest times that we have shared,
No other content can be compared,
I Love You, would not suffice,
Words are rare to fit the rise,
None of my gesture would mean much,
Our love, oh my dear, is such.

Complete my imperfection with your charm,
And your kindness to remove any harm,
fill the hollow me with your love,
Trust, my love, is all above.


Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Am I in your nice list or the naughty one?

Well for starters, can you please provide the difference in good and bad so that I can assess on which list I will be. This ones for you santa. Hope you give answers to my questions as my christmas gift.

Each morning I wake up,
Thinking what new the day would bring,
Thinking how should I act,
Wondering may be I will get sting,
What if I hurt someone,
With my words not well thought,
Believing I will be acting nice,
What if the act is not bought,
Dropping all my guards,
Letting everyone judge,
Judge how I walk, smile,
Also the way I nudge,
I see them watching,
Measuring each step of mine,
Oh here is a top notch,
Counting my each glass of wine,
May be I made few mistakes,
Who I am kidding, thats for sure,
Few times I was so nice,
Nice as sweet, nice as pure,
Each night I live it again,
In my head that never rests,
Nice things too small to stay,
Leaving me just with regrets.
So here is for you santa,
I have given you my gist,
Its all upto you now,
Are we still having the list?



you are a stranger to me,
yet there is no reason to be,
me being so formal,
you seem so normal,
strange is the chat we share,
keeping worries out somewhere,
knowing a bit of life you live,
a trustworthy heart is all I can give,
reason why I am by your side,
is very simple, we share same ride,
ride to an journey endless,
filled with laughter and kindness.



I have 3 draft posts on love. But somehow am not able to finish any. Lets see if this one connects..

What is Love?
Do you feel it?
Goes to only those,
Who it deems fit.
What is Love?
Is it superficial?
Wondering if it can,
Make things real.
What is Love?
Is it selfless?
Emotional attachment,
That’s such a mess.
What is Love!!

P.S: No offense Love but try and not be so clumsy..