Do you hvae to see your world through your own eyes or others?

Well, this can be interestingly annoying question. When it comes to answering it i can easily say ” go by your heart”. Do not think what others would think. But when it comes to applying the same logic for our own practical situations, we always worry about what others would think. It may not be necessecary that we are wrong, in most of the cases we are not, but in others opinion we may be. Worrrying about it will not lead us anywhere. We can just watch our own action not others perception.

How do we bring this change in our mindset where we have to be positive about our actions and not worry about anything but that. Easy to say, isnt it.


Stack of dried leaves or beautiful bed of wheatish part of earth..

You will yourself decide, and that will portray in your personality, what you exactly want to be.


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