Marley oh Marley..


Was watching this movie today.. No one should allow anyone to make such movie. If some one does atleast they shouldn’t allow me to watch one. It breaks my heart to see such a movie. And i know how do I mend a broken heart, well most of us must do the same, chocolates, icecreams, so on.. For a second there i thought I am not able to breathe.. I got choked up at the end.. I knew this was gonna come but dint knew it would move me so much.. If i am lucky enough in this life i will surely find a dog who loves me.. One thing is for sure, you give a dog your heart to love, he will give his in return.

This movie is now in my favourites list. And Marley is surely my price charming.. 🙂 I love you Marley ❤

Happy blogging 😉 🙂


Passing of a day..

Day coming to an end,
thoughts start to blend,
what have I achieved today,
is it just a count less to my birthday,
strange is this wisdom show,
every day i wonder how less of it I know,
what more a day could give to me,
a more humble and less ignorant version of me.


A flower teaching me colors of life


Surprising Prompt

I have tried to make one. This poem is fictional, no character in this poem is real..

Here it goes:

All I want from you,
Boy is just your time.
Call it needy though,
Dear you are worth a dime.

Elegant your charm is
Ferociously mine.
Give me your best,
Hell worth and divine.

I will be your princess,
Just so you know.
Knight you are my saviour,
LOL thats such a show.

Much that I mean,
Not just to say.
Our love can grow,
Please just stay.

Quiz is my writing, please,
Read between my line.
Silly of me,
To ask for whats mine.

Usher me to your heart,
Veiled somewhere deep ,
Waiting for you love,
XOXO :* :*
Yours and only yours
Zazzy kinky love.


Prompt : Write a poem of 26 lines where starting characters of each line is from a-z and you also keep the rhyme as much as possible.

This prompt was given by my talented buddy Prakash. Thanks for the surprising and challenging prompt buddy:).

A day to remember
Birthday is just a number
Cake is full of cream
Day and night I dream
Evenings are young.
Girl in your life.
Handful of happiness is all we thrive
Intelligence is all we have.
Journey has just begun.
Know that   
Love is unconditional
Mother’s are emotional.
Neither you nor me
Object the
Power within me
Quest for winner
Rides you from inner
Understand your
World is
X for few
Y for few
Zest for me you know;)

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Very tensed to post this blog as this post is a bit personal and I do know what the response to this would be.. Well here it goes…

As friendship day is coming near and near, life if unfolding all the boxes of friendship for me. And to my surprise the boxes are full with all the emotions that i can ever feel. I started opening the boxes and here is what I found..

First box, my excitement was as high as everest. Shopping with my girl friends, chatting, gossiping.. Hell that was fun..

Then came a box where that part of my life became inevitable. I was kinda incomplete without them.

Then, there was a box where i had to wait. Because i trust my people. I couldn’t get stood up right.. It must be traffic..

Oh, the next box took be my surprise.. I hear this a lot now a days.. ” You have changed”. Oh there is more.. ” You are not the same”.. This one is really which brought to my last box ” You have changed to a self centered person.” This box is really my favourite. Now and then I keep looking in this box.

Last box, wow its kinda revealing. Solitude. I never knew this before. That solitude can be this wonderful and filled with freedom. And i have to say, my earlier reference of everest stands irrelevant now. As I see a new me daily. Excited to know more of me, spend more time with me. Not lost in just a company but creating one for myself. No more my expectations are broken. No more trusting people and being let down. Now that all my preconceived emotions are gone, I enjoy my company more, I accompany people with free will. I still enjoy friends though, watching it.. 😉


Big & Kiddo..


My personal favourite couple… Though fictional but much closer to real life.. I guess they had the best vows for a marriage ever.. Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours.

Took some liberty to make my own version of Ever Thine…..

There can be days when we are apart,
Do things just to please our heart,
What counts is where we are now,
Wearing a smile and dressed in love.
My heart melts when you take my hand,
Walking over the piece of my favourite band,
Here is the time when we make our vows,
Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours.


Praising in my own words..

Dont veil the rosy blush on your cheeks,
spare your hair from the twitch and tweaks,
dont let the glow of the silky eyes fade,
for the beauty you are is a beauty that cannot be made.

The gold you wear is no real,
neither is the purity of the pearl,
deep in your golden heart there lies,
a shell of the purest love that survives.

giving the world the most you have,
living like an angel in the nave,
truth is the only lie you ever say,
taking the sorrows all away.

play your sweetest soul to the ground,
laugh because i love the sound,
hold my hand if you think u will fall,
never pave way for the tears to stroll.


Silence, biggest fear..

The only time when i am silent is during sleep.
Can we enjoy silence? I think its near to impossible. I can’t stand a minute not having something in mind. I would check my phone even if there is no ring or vibration. I would either turn on the music.
Why is it so? Are we afraid to be silent? I feel it akward to be silent and not do or think anuthing. Oh i forgot, there is one time when i enjoy silence, while daydreaming 😉