Can there be any talent as magical as acting….

We cry when they cry on the screen. We laugh, whatever our mood be, at their cracking comic performance. We hide our emotions with tissue paper and popcorn so that our friends dont bully us. We try not to be moved by the stunts they do, or supposedly the stuntsman do. Actors are one such gifted people who take the audience away from the real world with their performance. They make the reel world available to us. How effortless they portray their performances. Talking of actors, one actor who has managed to handle different generations of audience with his versatile talent, Amitabh Bachchan.


Watching one of his movies, Baghban, i have realised how can someone step in others shoes by just playing the character. At no scene in the movie i felt it was a movie. So real. So magical. Seeing this man cry, oh god, no one i can believe be normal and not loose himself a bit. He can move us by an emotional performance, make us laugh to our core, make us think over everthing we are. Thanks, Amitabh sir for the lovely performance.


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