Do actions really speak louder than words!!

I have always read as well as belived in the saying ” Actions speak louder than words”. Was I too theoritical to believe this stuff or the saying needs an update? In todays world (corporate world to be specific) your actions have no value attached to it when you do not support it words (louder words). Voice, volume & pitch can help you win battles. Where is sophistication placed here? Is everyone same, when it comes to voice, volume & pitch?

Am sorry to say but I do not have answers to any of the above questions. Still exploring the relation between the result & words. The result of an action is lying in the dark shadow of above 3 players.


One thought on “Do actions really speak louder than words!!

  1. I know how you feel. I used to work with someone who was such a bully- using his voice, pitch, etc to always win an argument. Since I am terrible at communicating I could never win a battle of words no matter what my actions were :(. The business world seems to encourage a lack of empathy and minor verbal bullying. Great post!


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