Very tensed to post this blog as this post is a bit personal and I do know what the response to this would be.. Well here it goes…

As friendship day is coming near and near, life if unfolding all the boxes of friendship for me. And to my surprise the boxes are full with all the emotions that i can ever feel. I started opening the boxes and here is what I found..

First box, my excitement was as high as everest. Shopping with my girl friends, chatting, gossiping.. Hell that was fun..

Then came a box where that part of my life became inevitable. I was kinda incomplete without them.

Then, there was a box where i had to wait. Because i trust my people. I couldn’t get stood up right.. It must be traffic..

Oh, the next box took be my surprise.. I hear this a lot now a days.. ” You have changed”. Oh there is more.. ” You are not the same”.. This one is really which brought to my last box ” You have changed to a self centered person.” This box is really my favourite. Now and then I keep looking in this box.

Last box, wow its kinda revealing. Solitude. I never knew this before. That solitude can be this wonderful and filled with freedom. And i have to say, my earlier reference of everest stands irrelevant now. As I see a new me daily. Excited to know more of me, spend more time with me. Not lost in just a company but creating one for myself. No more my expectations are broken. No more trusting people and being let down. Now that all my preconceived emotions are gone, I enjoy my company more, I accompany people with free will. I still enjoy friends though, watching it.. šŸ˜‰


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