Neither want to talk nor want to pray,
Why don’t you just let me stray,
Lots of thoughts but no words to say,
Out of the blue I have to find a way.



There are times when the word “maybe” gives me the true sense of happiness.. This word gives me a hope of the desired result. This word keeps me away from reality. This word gives a reason to hold on and not give up..

May be you are the one for me,
May be the time is yet to come,
May be there is a day near,
May be your heart is where I am from.

May be this is the reason why,
May be you are a home to me,
May be I am expecting a lot,
May be just give your time to me.

May be heart is longing for you,
May be you can hear it cry,
May be I will never let you go,
May be once just give it a try.

May be I should just let us be,
May be the way we are, is the way,
May be whats it meant to be,
May be I will keep my thoughy at bay.

May be you are not the one for me,
May be broken heart is worth a mend,
May be its too late for this to be true,
May be this is how it will end.

May be end is not what I like,
May be it will never let you strike,
May be you were the one for me,
May be I am just meant to be ME.

May be I should put a end to my words,
May be….

Happy blogging 😉 🙂


Love song

Could you give me a day of love,
could you hold me and say no more,
could you love me for who i am,
could you find our love a shore.
I, I will take you,
you to a new world,
we, we shall then see,
see the magic that we are…
the words are short, but i will let you know.
its your kiss that makes me glow,
its your touch, just keep it slow,
take me in your arms and,
never ever let me go,
i will dance with you,
like a dream come true,
keep the blood rushing,
dont let it cool,
Its like a symphony,
my love for you, its nothing but true..
nothing but true..

Happy blogging 😉 🙂



There is a place where I feel I belong,
a place where I can stay strong,
Reality seems to be off by chance,
I truly free my heart to dance.
Meet my prince charming here,
Who loves me more than the beer,
Loves for who i really am,
Not the usual show and sham.
We be holding hands for prayer,
Watch my favourite friends together,
Forgives me if i ever flunk,
also if i check out some handsome hunk..
Gives us a break when we need one,
But know for sure will miss a ton,
My life will be at its best gleam,
Dont stop coming to my dream…

Happy blogging 😉 🙂