There are times when the word “maybe” gives me the true sense of happiness.. This word gives me a hope of the desired result. This word keeps me away from reality. This word gives a reason to hold on and not give up..

May be you are the one for me,
May be the time is yet to come,
May be there is a day near,
May be your heart is where I am from.

May be this is the reason why,
May be you are a home to me,
May be I am expecting a lot,
May be just give your time to me.

May be heart is longing for you,
May be you can hear it cry,
May be I will never let you go,
May be once just give it a try.

May be I should just let us be,
May be the way we are, is the way,
May be whats it meant to be,
May be I will keep my thoughy at bay.

May be you are not the one for me,
May be broken heart is worth a mend,
May be its too late for this to be true,
May be this is how it will end.

May be end is not what I like,
May be it will never let you strike,
May be you were the one for me,
May be I am just meant to be ME.

May be I should put a end to my words,
May be….

Happy blogging πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚


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