Blank thoughts

When you think you are ready with something to write, but then you actually write and realize it was just a blank thought.

As blank the sky seems on a clear day,
As blank the farm is without hay,
As blank the paper is without lead,
So blank is the train of thoughts in my head.

Such days I am really creative and test myself to write not being under any emotions. The fear of loosing creativity is so strong that I am not afraid to make mistake.

Fear defines my action,
But doesnt limit my reaction,
Being fearless is just a fiction,
But a true fatal attraction.

Being atttracted to fearlessness is my strength, it brings out the best in me each time. It brings the true me.

The true me is this,
Being fearless is just a bliss,
Sharing my blank thoughts here,
Caring the content so sheer.


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