Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Am I in your nice list or the naughty one?

Well for starters, can you please provide the difference in good and bad so that I can assess on which list I will be. This ones for you santa. Hope you give answers to my questions as my christmas gift.

Each morning I wake up,
Thinking what new the day would bring,
Thinking how should I act,
Wondering may be I will get sting,
What if I hurt someone,
With my words not well thought,
Believing I will be acting nice,
What if the act is not bought,
Dropping all my guards,
Letting everyone judge,
Judge how I walk, smile,
Also the way I nudge,
I see them watching,
Measuring each step of mine,
Oh here is a top notch,
Counting my each glass of wine,
May be I made few mistakes,
Who I am kidding, thats for sure,
Few times I was so nice,
Nice as sweet, nice as pure,
Each night I live it again,
In my head that never rests,
Nice things too small to stay,
Leaving me just with regrets.
So here is for you santa,
I have given you my gist,
Its all upto you now,
Are we still having the list?


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