Oh love!!

Did I tell you, I have not felt this before,
Just an inch, my legs are above the shore,
Spreading my wings like a swan in a lake,
Ready for my flight on this love flake,
Come with me, baby, we can fly high,
Our trust can win heights, lets try,
The dreams that we have together seen,
The places we wished we have been,
I want to explore us, we can be a poem,
I will be your words and you be my rhyme,
I will be your start, you will complete me,
Without you there will be no better me,
In this moment, and the moments to come,
You are and you will be my love, handsome,
Craziest times that we have shared,
No other content can be compared,
I Love You, would not suffice,
Words are rare to fit the rise,
None of my gesture would mean much,
Our love, oh my dear, is such.

Complete my imperfection with your charm,
And your kindness to remove any harm,
fill the hollow me with your love,
Trust, my love, is all above.


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