Oh love!!

Did I tell you, I have not felt this before,
Just an inch, my legs are above the shore,
Spreading my wings like a swan in a lake,
Ready for my flight on this love flake,
Come with me, baby, we can fly high,
Our trust can win heights, lets try,
The dreams that we have together seen,
The places we wished we have been,
I want to explore us, we can be a poem,
I will be your words and you be my rhyme,
I will be your start, you will complete me,
Without you there will be no better me,
In this moment, and the moments to come,
You are and you will be my love, handsome,
Craziest times that we have shared,
No other content can be compared,
I Love You, would not suffice,
Words are rare to fit the rise,
None of my gesture would mean much,
Our love, oh my dear, is such.

Complete my imperfection with your charm,
And your kindness to remove any harm,
fill the hollow me with your love,
Trust, my love, is all above.



Happy soul can anytime burn,
People tend to take a turn,
Never let your guard down,
Trust, let me see, almost no one.


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There I am, sitting on my chair,
Looking in the mirror, curling my hair,
There goes a hair strand right in my eyes,
Stare I give at them, long and nice,
Eyes so blank giving me a blink,
People do say dont overthink,
Is there a world behind the mirror,
Where I can live without any fear,
The girl sitting there, staring at me,
Luscious eyes are just calling me,
In the real world I am just a shrink,
Each day spending my time in overthink.



There are times when the word “maybe” gives me the true sense of happiness.. This word gives me a hope of the desired result. This word keeps me away from reality. This word gives a reason to hold on and not give up..

May be you are the one for me,
May be the time is yet to come,
May be there is a day near,
May be your heart is where I am from.

May be this is the reason why,
May be you are a home to me,
May be I am expecting a lot,
May be just give your time to me.

May be heart is longing for you,
May be you can hear it cry,
May be I will never let you go,
May be once just give it a try.

May be I should just let us be,
May be the way we are, is the way,
May be whats it meant to be,
May be I will keep my thoughy at bay.

May be you are not the one for me,
May be broken heart is worth a mend,
May be its too late for this to be true,
May be this is how it will end.

May be end is not what I like,
May be it will never let you strike,
May be you were the one for me,
May be I am just meant to be ME.

May be I should put a end to my words,
May be….

Happy blogging 😉 🙂



There is a place where I feel I belong,
a place where I can stay strong,
Reality seems to be off by chance,
I truly free my heart to dance.
Meet my prince charming here,
Who loves me more than the beer,
Loves for who i really am,
Not the usual show and sham.
We be holding hands for prayer,
Watch my favourite friends together,
Forgives me if i ever flunk,
also if i check out some handsome hunk..
Gives us a break when we need one,
But know for sure will miss a ton,
My life will be at its best gleam,
Dont stop coming to my dream…

Happy blogging 😉 🙂


Praising in my own words..

Dont veil the rosy blush on your cheeks,
spare your hair from the twitch and tweaks,
dont let the glow of the silky eyes fade,
for the beauty you are is a beauty that cannot be made.

The gold you wear is no real,
neither is the purity of the pearl,
deep in your golden heart there lies,
a shell of the purest love that survives.

giving the world the most you have,
living like an angel in the nave,
truth is the only lie you ever say,
taking the sorrows all away.

play your sweetest soul to the ground,
laugh because i love the sound,
hold my hand if you think u will fall,
never pave way for the tears to stroll.