There I am, sitting on my chair,
Looking in the mirror, curling my hair,
There goes a hair strand right in my eyes,
Stare I give at them, long and nice,
Eyes so blank giving me a blink,
People do say dont overthink,
Is there a world behind the mirror,
Where I can live without any fear,
The girl sitting there, staring at me,
Luscious eyes are just calling me,
In the real world I am just a shrink,
Each day spending my time in overthink.



Freedom! is it real,
Or a concept so surreal,
Dwelling into deep,
Can’t even have a peep,
So lost I am, looking for whats right,
Find a whole new me, find a new sight,
Can I live in the present,
Can I not look at the past,
Can I give myself a chance,
Can I just have a glance,
A glance of how I can be,
With a life not how you see,
But a life thats truly me,
For freedom is “To be me just as me”.